Rules and Regulations

Kuluin Netball Club Inc. is affiliated with the Sunshine Coast Netball Association (SCNA) and is governed under the policies and guidelines they set out. SOP, Member Protection Policy and Code of Conduct are applicable, please refer to the link below.

The competition with SCNA is a skill-based competition. This means different ages can play together but ensures that there is strong competition for all skill levels. This has the benefit of allowing players to achieve different levels at their own pace while still enjoying netball.

With SCNA there is a Divisional competition and NetSetGo. The Divisional Competition is for players aged 11-18 years. NetSetGo is for players aged 5-10.

Below is a breakdown guide in what age group for NetSetGo.

NetSetGo - Blue

Born 2018 - 2019

Players turning 5 – 7 in the calendar year. Individual player registration through SCNA

NetSetGo – Green

Born 2016 - 2017

New players ONLY (exceptions approved by registrar). NO previous netball experience (except for Net Set Go Blue). Players turning 7 or 8 in the calendar year. Grade 1 or 2. If majority of the team has already played netball, they are to play gold (exceptions approved by SCNA registrar) Modified rules throughout the entire season. Size 4 netball used. No scoring. No finals. Clubs supply umpires.

NetSetGo – Gold

Born 2016

Players have one year of netball experience (second year of netball). Players turning 8 ONLY in the calendar year (exceptions approved by SCNA registrar). Grade 2 or 3. Players turning 9 in the calendar year must play white (exceptions to be approved by the SCNA registrar). Modified rules to start the season (weeks 1-7). Full rules from week 8. Size 4 netball used. No scoring. No finals. Clubs supply umpires.

NetSetGo – White

Born 2014 - 2015

Players turning 9 or 10 in the calendar year. Size 4 netball used. No scoring. No finals. SCNA provide umpires.

NetSetGo White C - NO or limited netball experience (e.g., only played one year of netball). Grade 3 or 4 Full rules throughout the entire season.

NetSetGo White B - Players with 1-2 years netball experience. Grade 3 or 4. Full rules throughout the entire season.

NetSetGo White A - Players with 2 years+ netball experience and good skill level. Grade 4 or 5. Full rules throughout the entire season.

Clubs to grade White B and White A based on skill level.

Please note that the above ages are a guide only and the Kuluin Netball Registrar and Committee will determine if the players are in the right NetSetGo tier, the progression through the tiers is based predominantly on their skill level not always restricted by age ranges.

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