Who can join Kuluin Netball Club to play netball?

Players who are aged 7 or above can join Kuluin Netball Club to play netball in the Sunshine Coast Netball Association (SCNA) competition. 
Boys can play in the competition until they are aged 12 from which point, they are required to join a boys' netball competition to continue playing netball. In recent times, the SCNA has been interested in launching a boys' competition if they can attract enough interested players.

When does the netball season commence?

The season officially starts around March, but our Club begins its grading and training in February each year. The season typically continues over Terms 2 and 3. There are usually no games scheduled over the term school holidays.
For the current season, details see our "Important dates to remember" page under Important Information.

How much are the fees to play for Kuluin Netball Club per season?

Registration fees are decided each year and are guided by the fees set by Netball Queensland and by Sunshine Coast Netball Association. Please see our ‘Fees’ page under the ‘Important Information’ menu on our website.

When and where is training?

Training Sessions are Tuesday afternoons at the Sunshine Coast Netball Association, Fisherman’s Road, Kuluin. Training times are determined by our coaches based on their availability. The training sessions run for one hour and can begin from 3.30 onwards.

How are teams chosen?

Kuluin Netball Club is guided by Sunshine Coast Netball Association (SCNA). The competition with SCNA is a skills-based competition, not age-based. Therefore, we select our teams on skills, ability and positions. This means different ages can play together but ensures that there is strong competition for all skill levels. Our teams are determined through a minimum of two grading days, usually in February each year.

What occurs during grading?

Grading occurs in February shortly after when registrations close. The grading process is to review what each player's abilities are and how they play with other players. This information is then used to shape the teams according to the recommendations of the registrar, with teams being announced shortly after the final club grading day. Kuluin Netball Club holds two grading days to determine the teams within our club. Players registered in divisional are to attend both weeks of grading and NetSetGo White are to attend week two only. NetSetGo Green and Gold are not required to grade.
There are then two grading days with Sunshine Coast Netball Association where the teams are placed into divisions. Again, divisional teams are to attend both grading days with SCNA and NetSetGo White teams are to attend the second week of grading only. NetSetGo Green and Gold are not required to grade.

Who assesses the player's skill level with club grading?

We have a Club Registrar within our committee with the relevant skills and abilities to review our players and grade without bias. Our Club Registrar is typically a person with significant netball experience, who has played netball to a high level. The registrar will observe our players over the grading days and assess them individually for their skill level, court awareness and movement, and appropriate/relative fit for the team and section that they are currently playing in.

When are teams announced?

Teams are announced shortly after the conclusion of the Kuluin grading days.

When are coaches announced?

Coaches are usually announced when the teams are announced. We are very lucky with our club that we have coaches who are happy to come back each year and support our club and players. These coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and skills, but sometime we need more coaches. As you can appreciate, coaches are often hard to source, particularly for newly formed teams. The club relies on volunteers to fulfil the role and relies heavily on any parents of our players who have knowledge and experience in the game and who are willing to volunteer their time. If you are interested in coaching, please inform the committee via email – kuluinnetballclub@hotmail.com

What is the uniform?

The Kuluin Netball Club uniforms are pink with grey and white features. There is a compulsory dress or playing singlet. We also have other optional uniform items available for purchase such as shorties, socks, visors, jackets, hoodies, caps, umbrellas and supporters' polos. If you are not wearing the club shorties you must ensure that the shorties you wear are either pink, grey or black in colour. The socks must be the club socks or white in colour.
Please see our uniform page for further details on the uniform.

How do I purchase a uniform?

You can order uniforms by contacting your team manager or contacting our Uniform coordinator to arrange a fitting. Payment for the uniform must be received when the order is placed. Uniforms will not be handed out prior to payment being received.

What is NetSetGo?

NetSetGo is a modified competition for players aged 7-10 and learning the rules of the game. There are multiple levels of NetSetGo. NetSetGo is designed to ensure all children will have fun, focus on developing their skills by learning all court positions and have equal court time. There is a strong focus on enjoyment so that participation will continue with no expectations of adult standards. To support this purpose there are no scores or ladders kept for these sections.
First, there is NetSetGo Blue which is a non-competitive skills and drills session that is run by Sunshine Coast Netball Association (SCNA).
Then, there is Net Set Go Green and Gold which is non-competitive games, played with adjusted rules.
Finally, there is NetSetGo White where full rules are played but there are still no scores kept or finals played.

How can I, as a parent, assist the team/club?

Our club runs heavily on the back of our volunteers. The Committee, Team Manager and Coaching positions are all filled by our enthusiastic parents who have plenty to offer the club and its operations. The roles of each have been defined on our website. These roles are determined annually at the clubs’ Annual General Meeting for committee positions and prior to the season starting for coach and manager positions.
There are also scoring duties to be carried out for each and every game – Team Managers will be calling on our parents to assist on a rotating basis.
We also will call out for volunteers throughout the season to help with duties that arise, such as parents helping with the club fundraising BBQ and ground marshalling duties.
If you are willing and able to assist, please offer your assistance where you can, or volunteer your time when asked. If the committee is aware of your desire to assist, we can ensure you are made aware when roles become available or assistance is required.

Who can I contact, and how, to ask questions about the club and its operations?

You can address your questions to the club’s secretary who is responsible for handling correspondence to/from the committee. You can email questions or concerns to kuluinnetballclub@hotmail.com. The secretary will ensure your email is addressed by the appropriate committee member, depending on the area of concern. The committee looks to promptly address any queries as soon as possible. Please be mindful that all committee members, Team Managers and coaches are volunteers who also have day jobs and families and may not be able to respond to you as promptly as you may like, but our endeavour is to address queries promptly.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please send us an email at kuluinnetballclub@hotmail.com or come and see one of our committee members on training or game days.

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